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IN HALE Healthcare consultancy are well endowed with technical expertise and experience to comprehensively assimilate projects in Hospital.

Our Mission

Work with stakeholders focusing on timely delivery of services based on ethical standards through team approach

Our Vision

To be a good consultancy firm adhering to quality benchmarks

Our Values

Credibility, Freshness, Responsiveness, Transparency


IN HALE is a professionally managed consultancy organization specializing in hospital and healthcare facility management, along with a team of Healthcare and allied professionals. The combined strength of these professionals, ‘IN HALE’, forms the core strength of the organization. Individually, the team members have excelled in their respective fields of expertise and specialties.

An unmatched distinction of the ‘IN HALE’ is its combined experience in setting up and managing large number of hospitals. Healthcare Consultants are uniquely poised to deliver advisory services in operational management for existing healthcare facilities and offer services to take on this role. The ‘IN HALE’ ascribes to concept of corporate governance for taking on the challenge of astute healthcare facility management.

Medical Tourism And Education

Medical tourism can be defined as the process of traveling outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care. Growth in the popularity of medical tourism has captured the attention of policy-makers, researchers and the media. Originally, the term referred to the travel of patients from less-developed countries to developed nations in pursuit of the treatments not available in their homeland.

Today we are experiencing both qualitative and quantitative shifts in patient mobility, as people travel from richer to less-developed countries in order to access health services. Such shift is mostly driven by the relative low-cost of treatments in less developed nations, the availability of inexpensive flights and increased marketing and online consumer information about the availability of medical services.


NABH Certification Hand Holding

Chiranjeevi Empanelment

Ayushman Empanelment

Clinical Establishment Documentation & filing

Fire Safety NOC

HR training

Translation - Hindi and English to other Indian languages and Vice versa

Trademark Registration

Patent Filing

Pollution Control BOARD NOC

Hospital Architectural Solutions

ECHS Empanelment